Happy house, a Dutch company located in Velp. The Happy-House product range includes luxurious, high quality items for dogs, cats, horses and people!

Happy-House, pets is a lifestyle

It is Happy-House's mission to market beautiful products that give every living room just that little extra touch of something special.
Pets are a part of our lives. We feed them, take care of them and have fun with them – on a stroll through the park, for example, or even when we take them with us to visit friends. Having pets is truly a lifestyle for many people. And Happy-House is a part of this lifestyle.

Happy-House stands for design and atmosphere; for nice, comfortable products for dogs and cats that offer just a little extra – extra comfort for your beloved pet with products that are also a stylish addition to your home.

They create not only luxurious, comfortable items for dogs and cats but also for you and your home’s interior.

A new product may only bear the name Happy-House if they are 100% satisfied with the design. This way they can guarantee exclusivity and quality. With a set basic collection of over 2,000 items, Happy-House ensures that there is something perfectly suited for every home style.

For more information: www.happy-house.nl