Procedure Collection of Outstanding Invoices

Please note: The principle regarding payments remains that an order is paid in advance, via Mollie. This procedure therefore applies to customers of our delivery/repeat service or where, exceptionally, an order has been sent with the option of post-payment.

We use a payment term of 28 days/4 weeks for our customers. We believe that we are very accommodating to our customers in this respect, as a rule, groceries must be paid for “on the spot”.

We are happy to be able to provide this service, it ensures that we can concentrate on current events instead of on the administration and, for example, there are no men at the door with money. Or there may be a discussion that an order has been paid in cash at the door and your account does not (correctly) reflect this.

And speaking of that account: in your personal account you can find an overview of orders placed and which accounts are still open. There is also the option to pay this directly via our payment provider Mollie.
Please note that any purchases made in the store for which a receipt has been issued are not visible in the personal account, preferably pay for them immediately upon returning home.

It happens more and more often that the payment term is accidentally exceeded. It takes a lot of time to have to issue invoices every time, send emails or phone calls to request payment. Time that we would of course much rather spend on good information and pleasant contacts with our (four-legged) customers!

As of January 1, 2024, an addition to our general terms and conditions will therefore apply: Collection Procedure for Outstanding Invoices

Point by point, this procedure boils down to the following:

Normal ordering process
- An order is placed or an order follows from the repeat service;
- Invoice is drawn up;
- Order is purchased/delivered;
- Customer pays invoice (max. 28 days from date of invoice).

If the invoice has not been paid
- 28 days after the invoice date, an automated notification will be sent from the system regarding an outstanding invoice (make sure we have a current (email) address on file!)
- 7 days after this “reminder” an official reminder will be sent by email/SMS/messenger, with a link to our payment provider;
- 7 days after this official reminder, a so-called pre-collection or 14-day letter will follow (for more information about the legal basis, see: )
- If the invoice has still not been paid after 14 days, the claim will be outsourced in its entirety to an external party. Please note that from this moment on (legally regulated) collection costs (minimum EUR 40) will be charged!

Once a claim has been outsourced to an external party, there is no longer any option to pay the invoice without additional costs. So make sure that payments of invoices are made within our normal payment term to avoid problems.

In principle, it is not our intention to terminate a supplier-customer relationship in the event of an unpaid invoice. However, we reserve the right to suspend further deliveries pending payment of outstanding invoice(s). It remains important at all times to contact us in the event of (impending) payment difficulties.

Thank you very much for your attention, we would like to focus on the most important thing: the right care for our four-legged friend(s)!