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  • Note: This toy is supplied assorted by the manufacturer. We try to take your choice into account as much as possible, but it may happen that only the alternative color is still in stock and will be delivered.

    The KONG® Puppy dog toy is adapted to the baby teeth of a growing puppy. The unique all-natural rubber formula is the softest in the KONG® rubber toy line. It is designed to meet a puppy's needs when changing its baby teeth, helping teach proper chewing behavior while providing enrichment and meeting the instinctual needs of a younger pup, while the erratic bounce makes it ideal for those puppies who just want to play. A stuffed Puppy KONG® keeps busy little ones entertained while offering owners the freedom to meet their unique needs. Would you like to make toilet training easier or extend playtime? Make sure to fill the toy with puppy kibble and a lick of peanut butter. For more fun, add KONG® Puppy Snacks with KONG® Puppy Easy Treat.


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