No More Tears Eye Cleanser

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  • This eye care product is suitable for the complete care of the eyes and the surrounding area. The product contributes to the prevention of problems caused by excessive tearing and restores mild inflammation in the tear duct.
    Due to a short nose, the tear ducts can be deformed so that dirt accumulates in them. This dirt plug causes a mild inflammation that gives the tear fluid a brown color, which also discolors the coat. Regular use of the eye care product in and around the eyes will help clear the tears and gradually fade the brown spots around the eyes.
    The eye groomer is highly recommended for dogs and cats that have little space between the nose and the eyes, such as the Malteser, the Pekingese, Shih Tzu, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Persian / Exotic Shorthair but is of course suitable for all breeds!


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